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VFT15   15 Tooth Flux Texture shear
VLFT15   15 Tooth Flux Texture shear - Left-Handed (True Lefty)
VC2   2 Shear Case
VET20   20 Tooth EZE Texturizer
GLT20   20 Tooth Seamless Blending/ Finishing shear
VSH4COSMIC   4 Shear Cosmic Holster
VSH-4   4-Shear Holster
VELT4   40 Tooth EZE shear (lefty)
VET40   40 Tooth EZE Thinning/Blending shear
SCT40   40-Tooth Razor Thinner/Blender
SS623   6" SLIDE 23 tooth Seamless Thinner/Blender
VSH-6   6-Shear Holster
ADV   ADV Advance Design Shear
VSAAA   All Access Cutting Cloth
VAPV   All Purpose High Flex(TM) Vinyl Cape
VRV   Apex
VAC   Atom Crane handle shear
VA   Atom Opposing shear
B105   Beuy Pro Comb (Model: B105)
VBCB1   BIZ Bag Attache
BBO18   Boom Bag 18" Rolling Office Carry-on with Built-In Speaker
BBS21   Boom Bag 21" Expandable Carry-on Short Trip Suiter with Built-In Speakers
BBRS1   Boom Bag 21" Upright Suiter (1st Generation) with Built-In Speakers
BBP24   Boom Bag 24" Expandable Upright Medium Trip Suiter with Built-In Speakers
BBP27   Boom Bag 27" Expandable Upright Long Trip Suiter with Built-In Speakers
BBEBP   Boom Bag Encore 19" Rolling Back Pack with Built-In Speakers
BBE20   Boom Bag Encore 20" Carry-on with Built-In Speakers
BBE24   Boom Bag Encore 24" Upright with Built-In Speakers
SBS   Bow with Curved Blades
RS1149   Brand New 5.5" Flux shear
RS1061   Briefly used Stylus
VA701   Cape Shield
RS1029   Centrix 500
VSDRY   Classic - Drycut
VLVclassic   Classic Cutting Shear
VLT14   Classic Seamless Finishing Thinning/Blending Shear
VCOB4   Cobra Clips 4PK
VBI210   Crystal Ion Boar Round - Small
VBI240   Crystal Ion Boar Round - X-Large
VBIS60   Crystal Ion Classic Styler
VBIS40   Crystal Ion Oval Cushion Boar
VBI320   Crystal Ion Round Wood Boar - Medium
VBI350   Crystal Ion Round Wood Boar - Mega
VBI310   Crystal Ion Round Wood Boar - Small
VBI340   Crystal Ion Round Wood Boar - X-Large
VBI145   Crystal Ion Thermal Round - Extreme
VBI130   Crystal Ion Thermal Round - Large
VBI120   Crystal Ion Thermal Round - Medium
VBI110   Crystal Ion Thermal Round - Small
VBI135   Crystal Ion Thermal Round - X-Large
VBLT3   Crystal Ion Ultralight Thermal - LARGE
VBLT2   Crystal Ion Ultralight Thermal - MEDIUM
VBLT1   Crystal Ion Ultralight Thermal - SMALL
VBLTD   Crystal Ion Ultralight Thermal Display
VBIS10   Crystal Ion Vented Styler - Medium
VBIS20   Crystal Ion Vented Styler X-Large
VDCdeal   Deluxe Cutting Cape Kit Deal
VHCC   Deluxe Haircutting Cloth
VDT-   Double Take Brush With Comb
VDTBC-DI   Double Take Brush/Comb Combo 9 Pc. Display
SDRY   Dry Evolution
VRD   Dry Evolution
VEAH   Eleve - Arabesque Hair Cutting Cloth
VEBA   Eleve - Bravura All Purpose Cape
VSSA   Elite V-Neck Apron
EVT35   Evo 35-Tooth Thinner
EV   Evo by Sensei
EV2   Evo by Sensei Series 2
VE575   EZE - 5.75"
VCI1   Fine Tension Pin-Tail Comb
VFI   FIT Cutting shear
VSHF7   Flux Shear Case By VIA
RS1039   Fuji M50
RS1118   Fuji X50 Narrow Blades
GSC   Genesis DX Crane (GSC)
ijack   iJack
VJ   Jazz Cutting Shear
VJT   Jazz Thinning/Blending Shear
RS1116   Joewell M4
VCCK   Kimono Client Cover Up
RS1014   Kos Japan 5"
VBLTDdeal   Light Brush deal
VLHC   Lightweight Haircutting Cloth
VCI6   Long Classic Cutting/Styling Comb
VCI4   Low Tension Cutting/Styling Comb
VCI2   Low Tension Pin-Tail Comb
VAPP   Luxury All Purpose Cape
Mandarn_Shirt   Mandarin Stylist Shirt
VB150   Mega Thermal Brush
VTMS   Mini by VIA
Q50   More Z - Q50 5"
A50   More Z by Fuji - A50 5"
RS1132   New Centrix Zcon Thinner 5.5" 30 fine teeth.
RS1140   New VOT15 -15 tooth Texture Shear
RS1120   New VOT15 Texture Shear
RS1136   New VOT15 Texture Shear
RS1146   New VOT15 Texture Shear
RS1147   New VOT15 Texture Shear
VO   O2
VOT15   O2 15-Tooth Texturizer
VSRB6   OMG 6-tooth Styling Blades
VSRB9   OMG 9-tooth Styling Blades
VOMGM   OMG Multi Texture Sample Blade Pack
VSRBP   OMG Styling Blades
VPR30   PWR Thinning Shear by VIA
SRSx   REV - Deluxe Straight Shear
VRAP   Reversible All Purpose Cape
VCI3   Reversible Cutting Styling Comb
VCIT3   Reversible Cutting Styling Comb - Black
RV   Revo by Sensei
RSC   Revolving Crane Shear (RSC)
RSSD6   Rotating Sensei Slide (RSS)
RSS27   Rotating Sensei Slide 27 Tooth Notchless Texture Shear (RSS)
RS1129   RS1129
RS1142   RS1142
RS1145   RS1145
RS1093   Sense HGB 5.25"
SL55   Sensei "Light" - 5.5"
LFT40   Sensei 40 Tooth Thinning Left Handed Crane Shear
SCC AB   Sensei Aluminum Control Clips 6-pack - Black
SCC ABl   Sensei Aluminum Control Clips 6-pack - Blue
SCC AGR   Sensei Aluminum Control Clips 6-pack - Green
SCC APK   Sensei Aluminum Control Clips 6-pack - Pink
SCC AP   Sensei Aluminum Control Clips 6-pack - Purple
SCC AR   Sensei Aluminum Control Clips 6-pack - Red
SCC AS   Sensei Aluminum Control Clips 6-pack - Silver
CG   Sensei Crane Grip
RS1137   Sensei EVO 5.25 in
GLT14   Sensei Genesis DX Crane 14 Tooth PointCut™ Texture Shear
RS1089   Sensei HGB 35 tooth blender
NXT20   Sensei NXT 20 Tooth Texturizer
NXT40   Sensei NXT 40 Tooth Thinner/Blender
NX   Sensei NXT Advance Revolving Cutting Shear
R55   Sensei RA Opposing Grip
sccr6   Sensei Red Carbon Antistatic Clips
RS1034   Sensei SC50
RS1139   Sensei SCT16
TA   Sensei Tao Series 1
VSG500   SG-500 Silicone Graphite Comb
VSG505   SG-505 Silicone Graphite Comb
VSG510   SG-510 Silicone Graphite Comb
VSG520   SG-520 Silicone Graphite Comb
VSG525   SG-525 Silicone Graphite Comb
VSG530   SG-530 Silicone Graphite Comb
VSG535   SG-535 Silicone Graphite Comb
VPSC   Shear Folio Case
SOT16   SOT16
VV   Spectrum Client Cape
VST1   Spin 14 tooth PointCut™ Seamless Texture Shear
VST   Spin 40 tooth Thinner/Blender By VIA
VS   Spin By Via
VSSRB   Spin Razor Deluxe
VSTPR   Spin Razor Trio with Free Goods
VSNRR   Spin Rotating Styling Razor
SX500   Stylus Opposing
T2   Tao Series 2
T2-700   Tao Series 2 - 7.0"
TR   Tao Series 2 Rotating
VB140   Thermal Brush
VSHP5   Think Pink Tool Pouch
RS1044   Tweserman EZE 5"
VSWB   Ultra Mist Spray Bottle
RS1045   Used Eichert 5"
VRT14   VIA 14-Tooth Texture Shear
VSZC4   VIA 4 Shear Zipper Case
VSZC1   VIA 6 Shear Zipper Case
VSCRB   VIA 8 Shear Clutch Case
VCA   VIA Ace Shear
VBC60   Via Bow Curved Shear 6in
VBCLR   VIA Brush Cleaner
VBBCC   VIA Building Blocks Children Cape
VCSC1   VIA Carbon Straightening Comb
VR50   VIA Classic Opposing Handle - 5 in
VR   VIA Classic Opposing Handle Shear
VRC50   VIA Crane Shear
VBI170   VIA Crystal Ion Mega Boar Thermal Styler Brush
VSCx2   Via Deluxe 2 Shear Case
VDAA   VIA Deluxe All Purpose Apron
VFI23   VIA FIT Seamless Blender™
LF700   VIA Flux - 7.0" (Lefty)
VLY26   VIA LYTE blending Shear
VLY   VIA LYTE Cutting Shear
VMHC   VIA Mega Lightweight Cape
VMHC2   VIA Mega Lightweight Cape - Ruby
VMHC3   VIA Mega Lightweight Cape - Topaz
RS1130   VIA O2 15 tooth texture shear
VR55   VIA Opposing Grip - 5.5 in
VCPx6   Via Pink plastic Clips 6-pack
vcucc   VIA Silicone Graphite Comb Collection with 6 combs
VSLI   Via Slip - Slide Cutting Shear
VSL23   Via Slip - Slip Seamless Finishing Shear
RS1047   Via VR50
VFIMS   VIA's Mini Style Iron
RS1114   Vortex V2 5"
VCI5   Wide Classic Cutting/Styling Comb
vpwbp   Wood Brush Introductory Deal
vpwbpr   Wood Brush Introductory Deal (closeout)
CGRXL   XL Thumb Ring

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